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Peru Travel Guide

Discover everything you wanted to know about Peru, your next travel destination and how to get prepared for the trip. This travel guide will provide you with an overview and quick facts on this amazing country.

As the only seat of the ancient Incan empire, Peru is unique. Eleven Peruvian attractions are classified by UNESCO as a cultural and natural heritage of mankind. Peru is one of the most diverse countries, a place where you can journey along a path leading through solid desert, over dizzying mountain peaks and then down to lush jungles in what seems like just one breath.

Peru is a land wrapped in 10,000 years of history. Heart of the mighty Incan Empire and many other ancient civilizations that took root in this territory and left telling traces of their glorious past…vestiges like Caral - the oldest in the Americas (over 5 thousand years), the royal tombs of Sipán (the most grandiose tomb in the Americas), the enigmatic Nasca Lines, the amazing fortress of Kuélap and one of the seven wonders of the world, magical city of Machu Picchu.

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As with any art, Peruvian cuisine exists because it pleases the senses. It is the most distinctive trait in Peruvian culture since it clearly represents the mixture that characterizes its originality. Influences from the Andes, Spain, Africa, China, Italy and Japan converge in the hundreds of dishes that is Peruvian national menu and transformed by creative hands into savory concoctions in towns and cities nationwide. Good food is also enjoyed with good drink and nothing better than a toast with pisco brandy, Peru’s banner drink or cerveza.

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Peru has been acclaimed as the most authentic travel destination in Latin America. Eleven Peruvian attractions are UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritages.

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What to wear?

Regardless of the time of year and the place you wish to visit, we recommend that during your stay in Peru you bring warm clothing, comfortably fitting pants, cotton shirts, hiking boots, tennis shoes, quality sun block, and a hat.

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Peru is a vast country split from north to south by the Andes, and is covered by the Amazon jungle to the east. Temperatures can vary from one city to another, depending on the time of year. It almost never rains on the Peruvian coast, and in general, there are two marked seasons: hot and cold. The hot season runs from around mid-November to end-March. The cold weather generally lasts from late April to mid-November, with high humidity. In the highlands and the jungle, unlike the coast, the rain season is the warmest time of year, lasting from mid-November to end-March. Temperatures are cooler from April to mid-November.